The Five Iron Membership

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text c_id=”.vc_1596047956924″]Anyone and everyone can walk into a 5i and (availability permitting) be hitting balls in minutes; there are no membership requirements. That being said, we created what we like to call a “too-good-to-be-true” membership package giving players unlimited hitting time during our Off-Peak hours and discounts on other Five Iron offerings. Five Iron’s NYC Director of Membership Jeff Ferris has been with us since its inception and is largely to thank for growing our membership into what is now the Five Iron community. Our members play in our leagues, rep our swag on the course, and bring their company events to us. The membership allowed us to build something that others have come to love as a sanctuary and a reprieve from their busy day has been incredibly important to our growth so we caught up with Jeff to discuss what makes the 5i membership so unique.


Can you tell us about the 5i membership?

While membership is not required to enjoy all that Five Iron Golf has to offer… It is the first indication that you share our familial motivation, dedication, and appreciation for this silly and perplexing game. Our goal is to provide an inclusive urban golf experience that allows all walks of life the opportunity to “master” golf. As a Five Iron Golf Member, you are entitled to the following: Membership Perks


Does it benefit players of certain levels more than others? 

We are confident that golfers of every level can benefit from a Five Iron membership. Whether you intend to learn the basics, are seeking private instruction, want immediate data-driven feedback, or just a moment to escape the stressors of city living, Five Iron is there for you.


What are some memories that stick with you from your years of managing memberships? 

There are too many priceless memories to name. It’s the random introductions that magically evolve into friendships and on-course foursomes, the trials and tribulations of everyone’s pursuit of perfection, the excitement of a career round or individual achievement, the competitiveness, the ongoing inside jokes, the unexpected post-swing profanity, the non-golf networking, the HOLE-IN-ONES, the 6AM money matches, the laughs, the “I need a lesson NOW,” the Five Iron loyalty, the utter love of the game, our team’s dedication, and the fact that it’s all happening in the middle of Manhattan!


Is there anything that makes the Five Iron membership special to you? 

I whole-heartedly believe that our shared struggles are what bring us back day to day. Life in NYC will inevitably train you to persevere. And nothing is more inspiring to me than a packed house at 6AM in the middle of winter. This is a testament to the dedication that golf demands. This sport can provide a lifetime of emotion (fear, confidence, elation, disappointment, anger, and humor) in just 18 holes. Real or simulated, we are all searching for our next best shot.


Has managing the 5i membership taught you anything? 

Be a friend first. We all started somewhere and this game will drive you mad if you “go it alone.”


What can you say about the 5i members? 


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