Rebecca Wendler

1 | How and when did you first start playing golf?

I played golf when I was much younger very sporadically, but I didn’t start golfing seriously until I started at Five Iron. I come from a family of golfers, so it’s fun to be able to golf on their level now!

2 | What do you enjoy most about playing? How do you define a great day on the course?

Having a great day out with my friends and a couple transfusions!

3 | Tell us about your favorite or proudest golf moment:

When I hit my first drive over 280 yards!

4 | Have you ever encountered any barriers or had to overcome any adversity in golf?

When Bailey and I were golfing, a groundskeeper told us, “I know this might be your first time golfing, but you need to play faster and pick up,” on our second shot of the day. In response, I hit my 7 iron 160 yards to the green for birdie.

5 | Tell us about a woman or group of women who inspire you in golf, business, or your personal life:

Taylor Swift and my mom

6 | How would you like to see the golf industry make the game more accessible and enjoyable for women?

The problems start from the top. From mens only country clubs to small comments made on the course, holding everyone accountable for how they treat women is the first step to creating a more accessible environment.

7 | Any tips to share with women who are new to the game?

Just go for it. It’s okay to fail because every failure is one step closer to greatness.

8 | Favorite Golfer:

Lois Kim

9 | Favorite brand for on-course golf apparel:

Anything adidas!

10 | Favorite golf gear or accessory:

I always keep a Vitamin Water in my bag.

11 | What’s in your bag?

Mizuno irons and bettinardi wedges!