Game Changer: Molly Maloney

1 | How and when did you first start playing golf?

At Five Iron Golf! When I started working at 5i in 2019, I messed around a little bit here and there but didn’t care much for it. It wasn’t until we reopened after the shutdown that my never-ending need to feel included kicked in. I wanted to hang with the golfers so I decided to get serious about learning.

2 | What do you enjoy most about playing? How do you define a great day on the course?

Sim golf for life. I’ve never been on a golf course but I love hopping in a sim and showing the 5i team how I can now make contact.

3 | Tell us about your favorite or proudest golf moment.

I tend to overthink my swing a lot but about a month ago, 5i instructor James Cunha told me to only focus on one thing at a time. And I hit a great shot! I still have a ways to go but I always keep that advice in mind.

4 | Have you ever encountered any barriers or had to overcome any adversity in golf?

No, I’m in the perfect place to learn.

5 | Tell us about a woman or group of women who inspire you in golf, business, or your personal life:

Veronica Ryan, Lois Kim, and Cindy LaCrosse. No question. They are all fantastic golfers who I work with at Five Iron and I want to get good enough to play with them.

6 | How would you like to see the golf industry make the game more accessible and enjoyable for women?

Make it more known how much fun golf can be when you’re bad. No disrespect but I see people with trash swings having so much fun with it and I wish more people knew that.

7 | Any tips to share with women who are new to the game?

Just do it. Just start playing and be really bad and continue to be really bad with the hopes of one day being good. Because it’s still fun when you’re bad.

8 | Favorite Golfer:

Molly Maloney

9 | Favorite brand for on-course golf apparel:

I don’t have one. Recommendations welcome.

10 | Favorite golf gear or accessory:

Again, I don’t have one. Recommendations welcome.

11 | What’s in your bag?

I don’t know. I was just gifted a set of clubs in a nice hand-me-down moment.