Game Changer: Cindy Lacrosse

1 | How did you first start playing golf?

My dad introduced my sister and I to the game when we were little. I was more interested in a hot dog and candy bar but then it stuck.

2 | What do you enjoy most about playing? How do you define a great day on the course?

I enjoy the challenge different shots provide — especially chipping and putting. I like thinking of the different options I could do, then trusting myself to give it a try! A great day on the golf course is playing any course in good shape. Give me fast, smooth greens and I’m a happy camper.

3 | Tell us about your favorite or proudest golf moment:

My first professional win. I started the final round 5 shots back and I was playing with the girl who was leading. I kept at it and slowly chipped away. When I made an incredible up and down on the 16th hole, it was a moment that I will never forget. I finished par… par to win by one.

4 | How do you feel about being a woman who plays golf? What are your biggest limitations, if any, to playing?

Playing as a professional, the pay difference between men and women is unreal. It is tough knowing I was working just as hard as male professional golfers and earning maybe 20% of what they were earning.

5 | Who are the women that inspire you in golf? In business? In your personal life?

Serena Williams, Michelle Obama and my grandma, Judy

6| Where do you want to see women in 10 years from now in golf? How would you like to see the golf industry help expand the game to more women?

I would hope that the prize winnings are closer and women’s golf has better TV coverage. Women’s sports in general, young girls need to see women on TV playing sports, being competitive and having fun.

7 | Any tips for women who are new to the game?

Grab a group of girls and get a lesson! Make it fun, learn the basics and enjoy golf as a new activity.

8 | Favorite golf apparel brand:

Under Armour

9 | Favorite golf accessory:

A really good golf towel (mainly borrowed from hotel gyms)

10 | Favorite golfer:

Trick question

11 | What’s in your bag?

Callaway Driver
Callaway 4 wood
PXG Hybrids
Ping Irons
Cleveland Wedges
Scotty Cameron GoLo Putter