Feel vs. Real: Using Live Video to Take Ownership of Your Swing

5i fans, I am pumped to be back in the saddle again for another episode of Tricks of the Trade! This time around we are talking about a fan favorite: “Swing Video”. Our golfers always (…almost always ?) seem to dig seeing their swing on video. It is admittedly very cool, and perhaps more importantly, it is one of the best ways to help you get a true appreciation for what is going on in your golf swing. Since the golf swing only lasts about a second, the ability to slow things down on video allows you to really see what is going on, which can be tremendously beneficial.

Swing video technology has only improved over time and now, with the help of TrackMan, we can pull up live video and watch ourselves move throughout the swinging motion in real time.  This is where things get really cool because you can see yourself rehearse an ideal movement, milking what it feels like to do things correctly. Typically, the biggest issue we face is time. Since the golf swing is about a second from start to finish, it can be incredibly difficult to get a sense of what exactly is going on. Historically, you would just have to hit enough balls to start gaining awareness for the nuances of your swing. But with video, I believe we can speed that process up now by watching our own practice swings. Whether you are looking to break a bad habit or avoid developing any bad habits before they start, Live Video Feedback could be the trick! Get it?

So, where do we start? There are many ways to use Live Video Feedback to improve your swing. In this episode, we focus on using it to shallow the club in the downswing the unknown hero to the villain that is “OVER THE TOP”. To help accomplish this, we hop into the Shot Analysis Driving Range function. 

  • Pull up the video option and select the “Down the Line” camera angle.  
  • Hit the Live button and pull up the drawing tools on the left. There are different options for what you can draw, for this drill we use the angled line selection.
  • Draw a diagonal line from where the ball is resting through your elbow and beyond to the top of the frame. This is our elbow plane. It helps to use a previously recorded swing so you can see what angle your elbow plane is. 
  • Get to work.

Hop in there and start making some practice swings! This is where the magic happens where you can start to appreciate the difference of FEEL vs. REAL. 

Oftentimes, you are moving in a way that contrasts how you might picture yourself moving in your head. Since we think and move differently, perhaps your buddy’s tip that helped them shallow their downswing is just not resonating with you. Now with live video, you can get the club to drop under the elbow plane in the downswing and with repetition (key), start creating your own feels and sensations for what helps accomplish a proper transition.  

So there you have it! Pull up that video and go straight to the source. It can be incredibly eye opening to watch yourself in real time.

I look forward to seeing you next time where we will have A LOT of fun while trying to get a little better. 

Forever Yours,

Dan McCracken
NYC Director of Instruction