Features & Benefits

  1. Five Iron Golf is a unique and innovative combined offering of entertainment, food & beverage with golf as a primary activity. It is suitable for all skill levels ranging from beginners to tour professionals.
  2. In the G. Noida location there are (8) venues consisting of (7) multi-functional high technology golf simulator bays and (1) active Bar & restaurant area with full size television screens.
  3. Five Iron offers leagues that are both social and competitive event nights for members and non-members alike.
  4. The Simulator Bays or SIM’s offer several benefits:
    1. Primarily, a hi-tech golf play, practice & learning station dedicated to you and your guests.
    2. Secondarily, the SIMs can project other global sporting events such as Cricket matches, English Premier League, Champions League matches & other valued sporting events on the calendar like F1 and The Masters.
    3. The SIMs are great for parties (Birthdays, Anniversaries & general celebrations) either singularly or in combination with the store as well available for dedicated events.
    4. The Sims have great utility where corporate functions are concerned using the SIMs as high-tech presentation space
    5. Photo Shoots, displays and other presentations
    6. Corporate outings, gala events or ceremonies
  5. Five Iron offers Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly Memberships with significant savings to the member 
    1. Free play during non-prime time hours.
    2. Members are allowed 3 complementary guests as per Five Iron Golf membership policy
    3. 20% discount on Food & Beverage
    4. 20% Discount on all peak time play
    5. Free golf bag/club storage
    6. World Class academy with access to top professionals and lesson packs
    7. Discounts on corporate and social events to extend the fun to friends, associates, and more.