Baby Fades and Tricks of the Trade

featuring PGA golfer, Zack Sucher

SPECIAL GUEST ALERT! 5i Ambassador and Tour Professional, Zack Sucher, joins us to share some highs and lows of tips (and tricks) to help everyone out there in 5i Nation improve their game even just a little bit on this episode of 5i Tricks of the Trade. Zack and I kick things off by chatting about his LEAST favorite swing tip of all time, a question we plan on asking all of our guests. We’ve all heard plenty of things we’re “supposed” to do with our swing, but then we take a different approach by focusing on things to avoid. Zack recalls a time where he was instructed to get the toe of his club straight up by the completion of the takeaway. As not-so-great tips can go, this led to two-way misses and inconsistency. What resulted better for Zack was his own approach making sure his clubface stays square through the takeaway (leading edge parallel to spine angle from a down-the-line swing video). But Zack didn’t just join us to share his least favorite, he also blessed us with one of his favorite tricks! Watch as we dive into what helps Zack repeat his stock ball flight: the baby-fade. Zack takes a slightly “outside the box” approach by closing his face at setup to inspire more of a fade swing. When he looks down at a closed face, it inspires him to create lots of clubface stability in his swing. This tip may not work for everyone but it does speak to the need for every golfer to experiment in order to find what approach works best for them. Now THAT’s a takeaway! We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and our special guest and 5i team pro, Zack Sucher. Follow Zack on Tour and on Instagram @zacksucherpga and as always stay tuned for more sweet TotT action! Dan McCracken NYC Director of Instruction @danmccrackengolf