5i Tricks of the Trade: Leg Work Time Tip

We’re talking how ⁠—AND WHEN⁠— to use your legs in the golf swing to hit longer, straighter shots.

Hey peeps, do you ever wonder:

“How do I hit the golf ball farther?”  

“How can I stop chunking the golf ball?”

“How can I hit the golf ball straighter?”

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this episode is for you!

In Episode 3: Leg Work Time Tip, we’re talking about how to time up the pressure shift in our feet and legs to help get the most out of our golf swing. The big key word here is *TIME*. Understanding how much time you have to work with and what should happen within that time can be a huge help in hitting better shots.

Let’s start with the timing of the golf swing. This can differ from player to player, but generally the best ball strikers hit the golf ball in about 1 second. Within that 1 second is about 3/4 second of backswing time and 1/4 second of downswing time. The takeaway: We have more time to get stuff done on the way back than we do coming down!

When I was taught the game, I was instructed to shift back to my trail foot in my backswing and then shift forward coming down. With the help of the super dope 3D Motion Capture Technology, we now know that isn’t the case. The best players shift back AND forward in the backswing. By the time they get to the top, they already have some good pressure back into the lead foot. This allows for more time to push off that lead leg and create power. As we extend the lead knee during that leg push, we also have the benefit of added trunk rotation which helps create clubface stability and a reduced rate of closure. The pressure shifting forward earlier also assists in optimizing low point control, 

To make this happen, let’s look at this like dance steps and chunk it up into smaller moves:

  1. Start with extra pressure on the lead leg and use that pressure to shift/push to the trail side early in the takeaway.
  2. With the pressure shifted back early, rebound that momentum back to the lead leg and get the club towards the top.
    • I like to feel like my weight shifts back towards the target as my club arcs up towards it in the second half of my backswing.
    • A wide stance keeps the trail hip inside and the trail foot can assist in getting pressure back to the lead foot early.
    • With pressure in the lead leg to start the downswing, use that pressure to push into the ground creating a powerful trunk rotation.

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